A word from Bro Kevin,

Covid had a huge impact on our work here in the Centre but with the help of our generous donors, fundraisers, staff, and volunteers we did not have to close and continued the service uninterrupted throughout the lockdown. While we were able to continue our medical clinics, food parcel distribution and most of our family supplies we were unable to invite people to eat on the premises and adjusted to operate a “Take Away” meal service.  While this was okay for the people who had some kind of accommodation it was a real challenge for the rough sleepers who have no alternative but to eat their food on the street.  The Capuchin Friars were moved by this situation and offered use of the Church as a facility where those most at risk could eat their meal with dignity and safety.  The last two years has been a bleak time for us in the Centre meeting people every day who had little or no comfort while isolating or coping with children in cramped and unsuitable conditions.

Hope for the future – While our “Take Away” service during lockdown “kept the wolf from the door” the people really missed the normal facilities, particularly showers, access to toilets and most important for mental health, one to one interaction with staff and volunteers as they came for their meals.  The good news is that rather than providing “Take Aways” we are again able to invite people to eat on the premises as before.  Another piece of good news is that we managed to complete the building work on the extension to the Family Area which provides much-needed space and comfort for the families with children.  Looking to the future we know that many people have lost their jobs and homes during the pandemic and are facing real hardship and will need our help.  Despite this we Capuchins know that because of your goodness, we can face the future with confidence and meet the challenge of helping those who come to our door.

P.S. Covid took a terrible toll on many people and we would like to take this opportunity to offer condolences to bereaved families who have lost loved ones.  Our prayers for God’s comfort to all.

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Bro. Kevin Crowley  ofm cap.

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Thanks to your kindness and steadfast support we are Surviving the Pandemic and looking forward with confidence to caring for those who come to our door seeking help.

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With great sadness

we share the funeral arrangements for Theresa Dolan. Theresa was the Assistant Director of the Capuchin Day Centre alongside Brother Kevin. She was a tireless worker for the good of those most in need. May she be rewarded now for her good life and work.

Rest in peace Theresa.