Dear Friends of the Capuchin Day Centre,

On behalf of the people who attend the Centre and Capuchin Franciscan Order, I wish to express our deepest gratitude for your steadfast support all through the years.  We Capuchins are astounded at the level of kindness shown by our supporters.  Even through the pandemic we did not have to cut services and no one went away from the Centre without food aid.  The sheer goodness of people is evidenced every day here in the Centre by the efforts of people from all walks of life, young and old, who make personal sacrifices to support us. 

Our Financial Supporters/Voluntary Fundraisers - We particularly thank those who have faithfully continued to send in donations over the years (often anonymously) and indeed many people have been helping us since the Centre started over 50 years ago.  Special thanks to those who contribute direct to our bank account or on line and we often have no means of acknowledging their goodness. We are simply overwhelmed by the goodness of people who while having to adjust to less disposable income themselves during the years of austerity, have continued to support us financially. Over the years we have been fortunate in receiving very large donations through once off gifts/legacies.  We receive several NGO grants for which we are most grateful.  To our state funders we also say thanks to those who allocate our funding through Dublin City Council, the Health Service Executive, and the Dublin Regional Housing Agency.  We do not employ professional fundraisers and apart from the cost of advertisements, banners, t-shirts and other materials, every penny raised goes directly to offset the cost of providing the service.  We are forever indebted to people who undertake fundraising activities on our behalf.  These include corporate bodies, schools, church groups, social clubs as well as individuals who undertake amazing challenges to help us.

Volunteers who Provide Clinics - We are eternally grateful that as well as our collaboration with the Safetynet Primary Care Service who provide 4 GP Medical Clinics and also a Diabetic Clinic run by the Mater Hospital.  We have other Professionals who offer their services on a completely “Pro Bono” basis including two Dental and a Chiropody clinic each week, an Optical Screening Clinic every fortnight and Haircuts (Haircuts 4 the Homeless) every month. 

Service Volunteers – It is no exaggeration to say that the Centre could not run without the dedicated service of our volunteers who supplement the paid staff to keep this service going.  We estimate volunteers provide approx. 15,000 hours service each year.  The work includes those who assist in the preparation and serving of meals and also in packing the food bags for distribution on a Wednesday.  Like our financial supporters, some volunteers have been with us since the Centre started over 50 years ago.

Staff and Board of Management - We are very fortunate that the Centre enjoys a high public trust, but this could never have been achieved without the help of countless good people.  Apart from those already mentioned, we wish to thank our hardworking staff who day in day out provide what has become an ever more challenging service.  We also thank the voluntary Board of Directors for their expertise in guiding us along the right path, particularly in light of the current emphasis on Corporate Governance.  

On behalf of the countless people in need who have availed of the service and the Irish Capuchin Franciscan Order, our sincere thanks to all.  May God and St. Francis reward you with many blessings.

Bro. Kevin Crowley  ofm cap.

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